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Generally speaking, being a Nexus fanboy comes with the absolute joy in that your device is actually pushing the cutting edge stuff with a pure Android experience that a Samsung user never gets to see (seriously, Samsung devices have probably some of the worst UI I've ever seen on a modern smart phone) and get to mock Apple fanboys when they brag about how cutting edge the new iPhone is...which has all the same technology of a 2 year old Nexus. It's just too bad that apparently launching a new Nexus phone is apparently all too difficult to do for Google.


Let me first give an example of someone doing it right: Apple (and yes, this is actually painful for me.) Apple launched the iPhone 6 with not enough manufactured. But for those who couldn't nab one quickly, you could order online the exact phone you want (6 or 6+ and whatever storage you want that they offer) and you'll get it when they can make another one just for you. And if you want, they'll even engrave on it while they are trying to push these phones out the door. Need to mess with a carrier? Nope, no middleman, just Apple. Sure, you might have to wait a few weeks just to get your phone, but you can order it in the comfort of your home.


Now let's talk about how Google handled the Nexus 6. The phone was launched on the Google Play store (there are no official brick and mortar stores for Android) in the US on October 8th at 11 something AM. I say 11 something because it sure wasn't anywhere near 11:00 on the dot.  And by the time they did start selling, you had 30 seconds to confirm your order before they were all sold out. Sorry, I exaggerated. It was 10 seconds. Didn't get one? Well that's too bad, you can always try every Wednesday where it is the exact same thing! You have 10 seconds to get your order in before they all sold out. Motorola's is even worse as it has been rather sporadic, including the emailing system.


But hey, this time around you can go to the carriers! Sprint and AT&T only have one version: the blue 32GB version. T-Mobile though has the 64GB version as well and you can jump in the back order without a contract! ...Blue only though.


Want a white, 64GB version though? Stand in line and call yourself a brony, because you have to go unicorn hunting on the Google Play store with everyone else! And of course you are more likely to find a literal unicorn as of this week of the play store, precisely 0 said phones were sold this week. Yep! The phone that everyone wants! None of them were offered for sale. Yep, none!


But good news! US Cellular (never heard of them? Hold on to that thought then) now offers the fabled Nexus Unicorn! Sounds wonderful! Except that if you want it online then you need to start a service with them. Remember how you might not have heard of them? They don't have service everywhere and they won't sell the phone to you (online) if they can't provide you with service. You can try to buy it in person without a contract, one guy has claimed to have done just that, but good luck finding a store if you don't live in an area where they have service (like me. Ugh...)


And here is the pound of salt on the wound: this is not the first time that Google has screwed up the Nexus phone launch. This is not even the second. This is the third time they screwed up the launch and the only thing that improves it is how fast the phones are manufactured. Which, incidentally, is not the case as Motorola is apparently having issues in the manufacturing. And why am I stressing over trying to get a new phone? Because my current phone is full of music which is now starting to sound like a radio playing a select few tracks because I need to listen to music at work. All my music is roughly about 20GB big and I would like actual space for apps so 32GB seems too low for me. And I will not buy from Samsung, anyone who takes forever to update their own flagship devices like Sony and LG, and I will not suck one off of OnePlus because they can't be bothered to just launch their phone already (seriously, some of the promotional crap they pulled actually made me not want to buy the phone.) And I will not switch to Verizon (I rather switch to T-Mobile if they had decent coverage.) So yes, pardon me if I'm a little peeved that everyone is making it really annoying for me to buy something from them for reasons that should not exist.


And screw it, Christmas is coming up.

tl;dr: I want to buy a Nexus 6 that is in no way, shape, or form some kind of limited edition version, and multiple companies apparently won't shut up and take my money.


Bonus Complaint: Was sick last week with a stuffed up nose, severe headache, and exhaustion all day. Now this week I'm draining which means my nose is constantly running and my throat is both dry and sore in the morning. I seriously hope I get better on Sunday, need to do something I was planning to do since this summer.


Anti-Complaint: And then there was this: (serious warning though, this has a lot of flashing lights that might cause a seizure. Let's be safe near Christmas, kind of a bad time of the year to be in the hospital.) But no, here's an internet gem that I can't help but love.



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Since I can't fall asleep, I figured I would at least update to prove that I am indeed still alive. So, NaNoWriMo, how did I do? I won. Hooray, I beat the curse with nothing breaking. And this year, much like my first year, I actually sat down and wrote a story I wanted to tell with the "Traveler" series (renamed to something else mind you.) So, when can you see it posted? Well, I have a few issues with it. Yes, it was nice to finally have pushed the story far ahead to where the momentum (has) been running on it. But at the same time, I feel iffy on it. The story ends at a point to where I didn't really know what would happen. The beginning feels long and dry with the story only picking up pace at the ~30k mark. Then there doesn't feel like there is any substance to it.

Now no, it wasn't a waste of time. If anything, I have proven a few concepts that might (and probably won't) work in the end. But the story itself feels iffy and I wonder if I should try it again in a different light. My goal of telling the story of a person taking their first steps as an independent in their life feels questionable and I feel I can do a better job. The biggest issue I've seen with the NaNo run was that the rear story arc took too much of the spotlight, completely throwing out what I intended to write about. And I have a feeling that no matter how I shake it, the setting won't really allow for a different kind of story. So my plan is to take a few steps back and see if I can tell the story in a different manner or at least come back with a stronger battle plan.
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