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To answer what was possibly the first thing to come to your mind: no, I actually like the concepts of Amiibos and I think Super Smash Bros demonstrates a great way in using them. To answer the other question that you might be thinking of: no, I currently have all of the amiibo figures that I want and are out, which I bought at retail price (grant, paid a lot of shipping for one, but I don't want to go to a Toys 'R Us store just to buy a Lucario amiibo and I saw the mad rush coming to get them.) The only one I think I would want now is Ike simply because his stance is pretty cool.


No, this complaint revolves around something like this:…


For all of you who didn't bother to read, allow me to give you the short version. I guy in Europe hates Rosalina so much that he preordered 100 of them so that fans can't have her so easily. Now, it isn't hard to tell what kind of person he is: either a loser for trying to show his distaste for a character by making it that no one can enjoy them else a scumbag for buying up all the items and then selling them at a higher price. Or both, I'm good with both actually. But that isn't entirely my issue. See, I could go out and buy as many copies of something like 50 Shades of Grey, causing a shortage of supplies in multiple stores, then proceed to burn all of the books because they are all just crap. But that causes nothing but a short term supply and making both the publisher and author richer. If anything, I end up promoting the idea that it is a good book. But I'm getting off topic, my issue is this mass hysteria that are surrounding the amiibo figures.


See, there is apparently at least one rare Amiibo in each wave. But Nintendo gives zero hints as to what it is. In wave 1, it is Marth. Actually, no, it is Marth and Link. Correction, it is the Wii Fit Trainer and we know this because Nintendo said that they'll stop printing her! No, wait, it is Marth and Wii Fit Trainer! Hold up, it is Marth, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer! Actually, it has probably changed now to just simply be everyone but Mario and Peach because reasons. Seriously, how cruel of Nintendo to only print certain Amiibos for a limited time and not tell anyone which one it is!


Now here's where I stick my neck out for this complaint and call these panicky collectors a bunch of idiots who couldn't be bothered to read something and think about it for just a second. Nintendo stated that the Wii Fit Trainer was probably going to be printed for a limited time because they figured that she wasn't very popular as a character compared to everyone else and her overall functionality beyond Smash would probably be nonexistent outside of being some generic Amiibo. They then compared her to Link who was already being used in Hyrule Warriors for something specific, would probably be used in more games as an Amiibo that unlocks something unique to it, and was a popular character overall so would be printed for a long time. This was all on the idea that the Wii Fit Trainer Amiibo wouldn't sell well, so Nintendo would have to make a point in which they need to stop production and deplete their stock so as to concentrate on Amiibos that are in high demand. Like Marth. This was brought up because Nintendo can't sell Amiibos like they do games. People are treating the model of selling games similar to that of Steam: if you are iffy about the product, just wait for the price to go down as it will always be there (with the case of consoles, it'll be there till the console is near the end of its lifespan.) Nintendo can't do that with Amiibos so they are advising people to buy them when they can as they have to stop making them instead of doing some kind of price drop. You know, like actual physical products. And then we have issues with protests in the western harbors that are probably screwing up more than just Nintendo's shipments (like my phone, I have a feeling it is somewhere on a boat or in a harbor, just sitting there with other phones.)


But that's just me. I'm not exactly the perfect being that knows how to spend his money. I actually want to dump $8,000 to relatively safely put a supercharger in my car. Still though, paying $80 just for a Japanese version of a figurine that'll they'll eventually get in stock seems ridicules to me.


:icontealdeerplz: The panic about the super secret rare Wii Fit Trainer Amiibo is unjustified and idiotic.


Anti-Complaint I got a female, Jolly, Rough Skin Gible in the Wonder Trade today!


Bonus Complaint I finally was able to order the phone I want from Amazon! They missed the expected date and don't know when it is coming in. #FWP



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Since I can't fall asleep, I figured I would at least update to prove that I am indeed still alive. So, NaNoWriMo, how did I do? I won. Hooray, I beat the curse with nothing breaking. And this year, much like my first year, I actually sat down and wrote a story I wanted to tell with the "Traveler" series (renamed to something else mind you.) So, when can you see it posted? Well, I have a few issues with it. Yes, it was nice to finally have pushed the story far ahead to where the momentum (has) been running on it. But at the same time, I feel iffy on it. The story ends at a point to where I didn't really know what would happen. The beginning feels long and dry with the story only picking up pace at the ~30k mark. Then there doesn't feel like there is any substance to it.

Now no, it wasn't a waste of time. If anything, I have proven a few concepts that might (and probably won't) work in the end. But the story itself feels iffy and I wonder if I should try it again in a different light. My goal of telling the story of a person taking their first steps as an independent in their life feels questionable and I feel I can do a better job. The biggest issue I've seen with the NaNo run was that the rear story arc took too much of the spotlight, completely throwing out what I intended to write about. And I have a feeling that no matter how I shake it, the setting won't really allow for a different kind of story. So my plan is to take a few steps back and see if I can tell the story in a different manner or at least come back with a stronger battle plan.
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